Who we are?

We are a Colombian company with presence in USA, Peru, Panama and Ecuador, dedicated to the development of virtual simulation and augmented reality systems.

We develop projects focused on providing solutions in different sectors of the national economy and large companies with international coverage focused on the manufacture and representation of logistics and military defense equipment.

Our solutions are developed by the client hand and from the same conception of the processes defined by each one of the areas involved. These provides the possibility of a totally immersive training, reducing the costs and risks inherent in personal training.

We are the leading segment company in Colombia dedicated exclusively to the development of virtual simulation and augmented reality systems aimed at any sector of the economy. Our developments with cutting-edge technology have generated high impact in government entities such as the Colombian Army.

We develop projects that provide solutions through different national stages or international deployment for the training of staff that operates the different elements of Military Transport and Defense (Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons and others).

We seek through the simulation the reduction of costs and reduction of risks to our staff. Our systems are focused on training professional staff and apprentices. We are in the capacity to make simulators from the study of the processes of any product or process.

Our base of operations is Colombia, but, we have offices to serve the International market. Our commercial offices in USA, Peru, Panama, and Ecuador are the basis of our success in Latin America.